split horizon project statement

i chose the name split horizon with the intention that it would mean two things at once, two views intertwined. one: the end of the dream, even the end of the word. failure on a grand scale, societal and cultural. the total breakdown of all previous ideas and efforts, the belief in a shared vision of the future that has now vanished. despair: a broken horizon. but then also, another meaning: the open horizon, where you have a choice, the possible beginning of something new. to walk forward or to collapse into the dominant destruction that surrounds us. you choose to die, or you choose to live. you choose to fight, or you choose to give up. if there is a future at all, now is the beginning of a time of action. the end of dreams yes, but the beginning of resistance and lifelong commitment to the heart of the world, creativity, and the constant re-creation of existance. when everything breaks down down, when deconstruction is complete, split horizon is what can continue... split horizon is the acceptance of the reality of a seriously damaged world but with the strength and hope to continue into the future and make something good. disaster is unavoidable, it is here in our time... but that doesn't mean we have to stop pursuing a more reasonable existance. split horizon - the end of comfotable fantasies of a better world but the beginning of the battle to make it real. split horizon is about making a choice....

standing there at the end of the dream you step into the void, and then..

incidentally, split horizon is also the name of a protocol for protecting against routing loops in a network. when a link goes down, split horizon ensures this is known and then data can be rerouted through a different viable path.