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Threshold Experience

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Bringing our concepts of transformed space back to the forefront of From the Gut's activites, Threshold Experience combined our Void Soundsystem project with large, worked art installations in the basement of Izzy's Raw Art Gallery in Detroit. The curator at Izzy's was kind enough to allow us access to the space for a month in advance, in which time 9 From the Gut artists contributed individual and collaborative works to the space. Amoung these were 2 large scale sculptures constructed from tree branches and other found, natural materials, 3 light sculptures similarly constructed, a luminous backlit wall with organic shadow art, and overall ambiance along with smaller original works. Contributing artists included Paul Biundo, who spearheaded the event, Gwen McKay, John Leonard, Kristine Taylor, Alicia Biundo, Dave Cole, Mike Ried, Matthew Shultz, and Studio Mike.